Name: Dave Carvill
dob: 2/10/72
Birth town: Coventry, England
Lives: Manchester, England
Occupation: Design Manager
First Meeting: Tallington, April 2007
Racing Career: Back in my youth I rode schoolboy motocross, after some years away from racing I returned at age 18 to race 500cc sidecars in 1991. Unfortunateley I only lasted 1 season before going away to university. I returned to the grass in 2002 racing in the 125cc FGA class, became Manchester Champion in 2004 and went onto achieved 6th in the FGA Championships in 2007 – the same year I returned to the 500cc sidecars. From 2009 season I have purely concentrated on the chairs and over the last few seasons achieved many of racing ambitions most notably representing GB and the ACU at European semi finals (2010, 2011, 2015 & 2016) and the 2010, 2012 & 2016 finals. 2012 season was pretty good with a 6th place finish as the Euro semi being the highlight, for 2013 we rode in a few rounds of the Dutch Championships, achieving a couple of 4th positions in the process. 3rd at the 2014 & 2016 British Championships have been career highs and the 7th at the Euro Finals in 2016 was fantastic.
Name: Cameron Godden
dob: 22/7/97
Birth town: Tonbridge, Kent
Lives: Tonbridge, Kent
Occupation: Moto X Sales
First Meeting: Wimbourne, Jan 2013
Racing Career: Its in the family, 3 generations of racing so I was always going to be into the sport! I did a couple of meetings in 2015, then following an injury to Kia I got the change to race with Dave in 2016 and jumped at it! Really enjoying and learning something everytime we go out on track, this season has been fantastic.
Name: Kai Noble
dob: 4/4/89
Birth town: Andover
Lives: Andover
Occupation: Landscape Gardener
First Meeting: Wimbourne, Jan 2013
Racing Career: I’ve always been around motorcycles this year will be my second in the chair, an opportunity came along to ride with Dave and we ended up doing a few meetings in 2013 even winning a few. An unfortunate crash at the end of the 2015 season has seen me miss all of 2016.
Engine: Carvill Jawa 500cc
Clutch: Scandic CNC
Chassis: Carvill Special
Gearbox: Bewley
Carburetor: Blitz
Mechanic: Dave, Dad and Steve
2009 British Best Pairs: 3rd
2009 British Championships: 7th
2010 Grading List position: 3rd
2009 Worcester GT Club: Champions
2009 Ledbury MCC: Runner Up
2009 Bewdley GT Club: Runner Up
2009 Isle of White Speedway Spectacular: 3rd
2010 Worcester GT Club: Runners up
2011 Worcester GT Club: Champions
2010 & 2011 Ledbury MCC: Champions
2011 Grading List position: 4th
2012 Grading List position: 2nd
2012 British Final position: 5th
2012 European Final Position: 12th
2013 British Final Position 7th
2013 Grading List Position 1st
2014 British Final Position 3rd
2015 British Final Position 4th
2016 British Final Position 3rd
2016 FIME Euro Final Position 7th