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 So Its has been about 6 weeks since we last rode the outfit and originally I wasn’t going to do this meeting but we had to test the 2nd motor which my dad had worked on over the winter months combined with now being in the Euro Semi Final in a couple of weeks time it was important to test the engine and get some more practice in. I broke the drive down to Kent up with an overnight stay in Coventry, I picked Steve and Karl up nice and early but only arrived in the field at Collier Street at 9.15am so we quickly got set up and scrutineered before practice.  

TrackThere was a quality turnout in the 500cc chairs and it could said the top 5 in the country were present, racing in 4 point scoring heats this would be a good test in preparation for the Euros. The weather was glorious and dust would be a problem but the club had plenty of water to put down.  We managed to get out for 2 practices and I felt the bike set up was spot on; only thing to decide was which rear tyre to run, the normal grasstrack rear tyre or put our 19” speedway tyre on due to how dry it was. I opted to run the GT tyre to start with.

In race 1 we gated from about the middle from the start the bike bogged down, but as the tapes weren’t working correctly and Harvey/Hogg failed to move off the line we all got pulled back for a re-start. Starting under the Clarke of the courses flag I gave it more gas and gated better. Into the top corner we went under Dunn/Smith to take 4th and was in a race with Harvey/Hogg for 3rd, although we didn’t get a move on them we were right on the pace and all 4 of us (Team Radley and Beard) finished the race together.

Maidstone race start

In race 2 we gated ok from the outside but were behind everyone going into the top corner, I took a tight line and started to gain and felt we’d come out of the corner in a good position but we hit a damp part of the track and totally spun out with Simon Beard unable to miss us and collected our rear guard knocking us over as well. The race was stopped and we were excluded for stopping it, Karl and I took a few knocks and bike needed a quick mudguard repair before the next race.DSCF0495

Our 3rd ride was the best yet, a good start alongside Beard and with Team Radley outside of us we all entered the corner together, we exited 2nd behind Beard and stayed there right on his tail for 4 laps.

Going into the final heat there were only the 3 crews left, we couldn’t do any better than 3rd but I was up for giving Beard and Radley a tough time in the last race. But it wasn’t to be, we had a bad crash in one of the solo classes were a couple of lads came off I think due to the dust which was kicking quite a lot. I didn’t think it was so bad in our class but the others were really struggling with it. After this crash the meeting was abandoned due to the lack of ambulances and time was getting on.

So all in all a good day, the 2nd motor went really well and I felt we were on pace with the country’s top crews, Thanks to my bro for his help today again, now I’ve got some garage time to repair and prepare for the euro meeting but that’s half the fun! Hopefully we can make an impression and claim a spot in the top 6 at the euro meeting, a top 8 finish will see us at the euro final which is the target.


  1. ma & pa says:

    Been waiting a long time for this report!!! Glad it all went well, but you didn’t tell me about you falling off!! Congratulations on the result and all the very best for your next meeting down South.

  2. Deb says:

    Can’t wait to see you racing Cuz, bring on Cornwall :)

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